General Product Marking
Wherever you live, work or travel in the World you will seldom be more than a few feet from some item of manufactured equipment that has a nameplate or label attached to it. You may not notice them or even be able to see them but they are there, in cars, vans, bicycles, trains, planes, leisure goods, electrical appliances, office equipment, torches, lights, computers, mobile phones. The list is never ending.With very few exceptions, LNP has the capability to manufacture a nameplate or label that will meet the requirements of the most demanding of applications. Whilst LNP can’t claim to have made more than a small proportion of these in use around the World, there are very few that we would have been unable to manufacture due to their technical or performance specifications.
Specialist Products & Services
London Name Plate is the UK’s go-to supplier for unusual, close tolerance and often hand finished nameplate and label products.
    Laser engraving
    Multi-aperture, prototype equipment panels.
    Chrome plated and enamelled car club badges.
    Text bearing and formed metal components.
    Component printing and engraving
    Lapel badges
    Budget through to high-end Award Plaques.
We have even made a 1 off cockpit panel for a rebuilt Mk1 Spitfire.