Defence and Aerospace
London Name Plate has a proud history dating back over 70 years supplying nameplates, labels, fascia plates, cockpit dials, and at one time even hand-held bomb aiming devices and navigation aids to the Ministry of Defence and its Defence Contractors. We are seldom told what equipment our products are destined for use on – or where – but we are aware that recent applications have included military aircraft ejector seats, Airbus sub-assemblies, ground-to-air missile systems, communication equipment and radar installations.

Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
Engineering companies make up the majority of London Name Plate’s customers, using all our products but predominantly anodised aluminium, brass, stainless steel and our “Easy-Cals”.

These products are all extremely durable and can satisfy the most demanding in-service conditions, whether attached with rivets or screws or self-adhesive, paired with one of 3M’s high specification industrial tapes.

Medical & Hospital
This is one of many areas where LNP’s plastic and paper labels really come into their own. These products are durable, economical and,depending on the application, can be permanent, single use or removable.
Write-on pads, static or sequential bar codes or serial numbers and all kinds of other variable data. LNP also manufactures front panels and rating, warning and inventory plates to medical equipment suppliers.