Labels and Decals

London Name Plate offer a wide range of different materials for use as a substrate for labelling purposes. These substrates all have different properties which are conducive to different environments they could be located in.

LNP’s trade name for our plastic labels are ‘Plasti-Cals’, which include our standard range of plastics including PVC, polyester, polycarbonate and vinyls. We also include self-adhesive papers such as FassCal within this descriptor.

The majority of our Plasti-Cals are sub-surface printed, either digitally or screen printed and laminated with a suitable adhesive. Plasti-Cals can be digitally or tool cut and are suitable for multi-apertures, clear windows with or without a gloss surface lacquer applied for touch screens and for the application of membrane touch switches by the customer.

We are able to apply variable data to these labels including barcodes, data matrix, sequential serial numbers or blank write on panels with a customer applicable over-laminate if required.

LNP primarily use 3M adhesives, unless the substrate is already self-adhesive prior to printing, as they are a recognised industry standard that LNP has used with confidence for several decades.

    Plasti-Cals:   PVC – sub-surface printed with a gloss or MR texture are an industry standard for durable plastic labels to suit most applications including point-of-sale, display and fascia plates.

    Polyester – sub-surface printed with a gloss or MR texture are characterised by high temperature and chemical resistance, stability and superior mechanical strength. Our polyester Plasti-Cals are often found on cables, motors, transformers and other electrical equipment. We also offer a hard-coated polyester with an even higher degree of chemical resistance, anti-scuff which are embossable or debossable if required and are also found on our graphic overlays.

    Polycarbonate – sub-surface printed produce a high quality, tough, stable and heat-resistant product in gloss or MR finish which can also include UV resistant for outdoor exposure.

    Vinyl – digitally surface print on vinyl which produces fantastic colour clarity and a flexible and durable product. Some of our vinyl Plasti-Cals can be found within ATMs around the world and on reflective signs we manufacture for prestigious housing developments.

    Roll-Cals: Available in vinyl or polyester substrate producing hot foil and hot wax foil printed labels provided on a roll in a range of colours, over-laminates and shapes and sizes. A low cost option with a high quality finish to produce high volume labels.

    Easy-Cals: LNP are the original and still the largest manufacturer of very thin self-adhesive aluminium labels used in many different sectors of industry, including defence and aerospace. These labels are similar to our aluminium nameplates in that the ink is within the surface of the metal. We are also able to digitally print in any colour on the surface of the material using a UV ink which provides a durable finish.

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