Industrial Nameplates

London Name Plate manufactures high quality, high performance nameplates and labels. Utilising aluminium, brass, stainless steel and specialist plastics, we are able to meet our customer’s requirements with durability, quality, quantity and service.

Nameplates are found in a multitude of different environments and often used as rating plates, dials and scale plates and even front panels on machinery. The inclusion of apertures, round corners, cropped corners and even formed options are all within our scope.

Aluminium is the most commonly used material for nameplates, being lightweight yet offering outstanding performance in the harshest conditions. LNP have their own sulphuric anodising plant allowing us the scope to reduce lead times and offer different finishes, including matt, brushed, kiss-etched, to the substrate yet retaining the quality that is synonymous with products manufactured by LNP. With our screen printing process we are able to offer your design requirements to be printed and sealed within the anodic coating we create during our anodising process, as well as on the surface of the material.

Stainless Steel is available in 304 and 316 marine grade in a matt (brushed) or gloss finish and is often etched, left unfilled or filled with a whole spectrum of colours either by screen printing or by hand. We are also able to rotary engrave your stainless steel nameplates or laser mark to leave a permanent durable finish. We can also lacquer your nameplates to offer another durable surface finish.

Brass is available in several thicknesses and can be etched, printed, engraved, marked and lacquered similar to the processes used for stainless steel, however we can also offer a chrome finish to your brass plates if required for that exclusive look.

Specialist plastics are used within our engraving, laser marking and cutting, digital and screen printing. LNP invite you to discuss your requirements via our contact page.

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