The London Name Plate Manufacturing Company Ltd (our full name) has its origins in London where in 1810, five years before Napoleon met his match at Waterloo, Thomas Malby founded Malby & Sons, globe makers and cartographers to the Admiralty. The intricate copper printing masters were engraved by hand, a skill that Malby & Sons made further use of by offering engraved nameplates. By the late 19th century photographic and etching techniques revolutionised this process and proved ideal for manufacturing nameplates in larger quantities.
Demand for nameplates grew and in 1909 Henry Malby and his two sons set up LNP as a separate concern, in new premises in East Finchley. LNP soon moved to larger premises in Clerkenwell, incorporated in 1919 and established a small factory in Brighton. The Brighton factory was expanded in the 1930s and all production was transferred there at the onset of “the Blitz”.
Throughout World War II LNP concentrated on making cockpit dials, bomb aiming devices, plotting equipment and navigational instruments, cementing close links with what we now call the aerospace industry.
The 1950s saw the introduction of thin self-adhesive anodised aluminium labels (LNP’s patented “Easy-Cals”) and further expansion of the Zylo Works. Self-adhesive plastic label products (“Plasti-Cals”) were first introduced during the 1960s.
The company is still owned and managed by the Malby family, the 7th and 8th generations to do so since Malby & Sons was founded over 200 years ago. LNP has an unusually long history, an exceptionally experienced staff and unrivalled expertise in the UK in the manufacture of nameplates and labels for industry.