The manufacture of nameplates and labels has often been described as more of an art than a science.  So far as London Name Plate is concerned this is not entirely true.

For us science plays a major part in the way we control and monitor our manufacturing processes and product quality levels.

The “art” for us is knowing, through a great many years of experience, how best to combine the huge variety of different materials, processes and finishing methods available to us, to achieve the best possible results for our customers. Our long history as suppliers to the Ministry of Defence and aerospace industries has resulted in LNP holding an unbroken succession of
nationally and internationally recognised inspection and quality standards for over 80 years.
Our Quality Management System is currently assessed to ISO9001:2015.

You can find a copy of our current ISO 9001:2015 certificate here.We maintain a controlled Approved Supplier list and are ourselves an Approved Supplier to a great many major UK and European companies.

If requested a Certificate of Conformity will be sent with each consignment. When required we will also supply a FAIR (First Article Inspection Report) to the LNP, customer or AS9102 standard.